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Peter and the Wolf and The Firebird


Peter & the Wolf and the Firebird
The Ruddock Hall
1800, Tuesday, 5 February 2019

There’s a very special event at King Edward’s next week. At 1800 on Tuesday, 5 February, KES/KEHS Symphony Orchestra will perform Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, followed by the 1919 suite from Stravinsky’s Firebird.

Both works are highly colourful, paint vivid pictures of characters, tell stories of the imagination. Capitalising on this, we have invited James Mayhew, author, illustrator, and artist, to perform with us. He will narrate Peter, and, at the same time, paint pictures of the stories live with the music. It’s hard to describe, but, once seen, it’s an extra-ordinary experience, quite impossible to forget.

The performance lasts only for an hour, and the early start means that it’s a perfect evening for children of all ages.

Tickets, priced £5, are available at:

If you would like to come straight from school to the Ruddock Hall, we offer a children’s picnic tea at 1715. The combined price for tea and concert is £8.50.

It’s going to be a really special evening.

Peter and the Wolf workshop



Peter and the Wolf workshop

17 November 2018, Hillstone Primary School

The team behind the Peter and the Wolf project convened again at Hillstone Primary School last Thursday. They explored further the model for composition work and also introduced the visual part of the project. The workshop was led by James Mayhew and some truly outstanding masterpieces were created.



Exploring music through stories — Peter and the Wolf and The Firebird

Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham: Peter and the Wolf Linocut by James Mayhew

New on this ‘blog, ‘Exploring music through stories — a composition project’.

Produced in partnership with seven primary, preparatory, and special schools, this proposes and will explore a model for the teaching of composition in primary schools.

A four-month-long project will run throughout Birmingham learning to a performance-day in February 2019. The schools will come together and share the stage with KES/KEHS Symphony Orchestra; our compositions sharing a programme with works by Stravinsky and Prokofiev.

You can read more under the ‘Peter and the wolf‘ menu, at the top of this page.

Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham

Some advice from Itzhak Perlman

‘Practise slowly…’

Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham

Some advice from Daniel Barenboim

‘hang on to the first note … and you fly with the music.’

Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham