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Lunchtime Recital, 15 October 2020

Performers’ Platform – 13 October 2020

Shells’ Orchestra Debut

On Thursday, 8 October Shells’ Orchestra started rehearsing with the amazing Mrs Akehurst. We are looking forward to hearing some amazing results.

Performers’ Platform – 6 October 2020


Sixths String Orchestra – rehearsing again!

Performers’ Platform – 28 September 2020

Shells’ Clef Club – every Monday

Young composers are hard at work creating musical masterpieces every Monday after school at Clef Club.

The Miss Margaret Davis Memorial Recital – 24 September 2020

Music Calendar 2020 – 2021

September’s Musical Renaissance


The String Orchestra of 15-strong, drawn from the Fourths and the Fifths started rehearsals again.

And here’s the best bit. Its leader and director is Peter Campbell-Kelly, one of the leaders of CBSO.

Shells’ Recital 2020

Shells’ Recital, September 2019


Monday, 21 September 2020


Tonight is the opening of our concert season, the first ever pre-recorded on-line concert at King Edward’s School. Shells’ Recital is the start of it all.

32 performances given by this most remarkable year of Shells.

The CBSO’s Centenary Celebration

It’s an on-line event, free to all, and we hope that everyone will support our friends and colleagues in the orchestra.

More details are available at:

Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham

Sexagesimal Concert — the programme


As part of our Sexagesimal celebrations, we produced a short history of KES/KEHS Symphony Orchestra, with contributions from its first players, Chief Masters and Principals, Directors of Music including Peter Bridle, as well as essays by current pupils.

You can read it by clicking the link below:

King Edward’s School, Birmingham, Sexagesimal Programme, KES/KEHS Symphony Orchestra, 2020

Our thanks to Mr. Ash for the photograph.

Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham

Sexagesimal Concert — Monday, 9 March, 2020

King Edward's School Birmingham and Lauren Zhang, Symphony Orchestra's anniversary concert

KES/KEHS Symphony Orchestra – Leaders past and present

Enoch Cheung, David Powis (1960), Renee Chang

Choral and Orchestral Concert, Sunday 8 March 2020