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Christmas Concert

King Edward's School, Christmas Concerts

Sunday,  7 December at 1500
Ruddock Performing Arts Centre

The programme includes performances given by:

Choral Society
Wind Band
Senior Swing Band
KEHS Chamber Choir
KES/KEHS Symphony Orchestra

This concert is now sold out.

Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham

The concert is presented jointly with King Edward VI High School for Girls


Margaret Cookhorn and the KES/KEHS Symphony Orchestra

Margaret Cookhorn masterclass for King Edward's School Music Department

Margaret Cookhorn

On Thursday, 20 November, the woodwind of KES/KEHS Symphony Orchestra worked with CBSO principal contrabassoonist, Margaret Cookhorn.  Also a member of BCMG, Margaret is one of the leading national exponents of the instrument, both in ensembles and as a concerto soloist. She also plays the heckelphone.

As part of the ensemble’s preparations for the Christmas Concerts, this was an invaluable opportunity.

Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham