CBSO principals play for the Shells of King Edward’s School.

by Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham

John Tattersdill, CBSO, plays to the boys of King Edward's School, Birmingham. Music Department.


Friday, 9 October 2015
Ruddock Performing Arts Centre

Margaret Cookhorn, bassoon and contra-bassoon
Elspeth Dutch, horn
John Tattersdill, double bass

On Friday the Shells experienced an afternoon of musical wonder from the CBSO. Three of the top performers visited the Ruddock Hall to bring the stage alive. First we heard from Mrs. Cookhorn on her bassoon and contra-bassoon. She demonstrated the variety of tones and the key features of both instruments. Next was Mrs. Dutch on the horn. Some of the boys had the opportunity to play the hosepipe horn. Finally was Mr. Tattersdill on his extremely big double-bass. He performed very well and willingly answered our numerous questions. It was a memorable day and we look forward to more of these performances in the future. We would like to thank the music department for organising this great event.

Tom Hao (Shell)

Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham