Concert party

by Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham

King Edward's School, Birmingham, concert party

“Concert Party” is the new outreach program that takes some of the best musicians from this school to primary schools with children not as exposed to music or privileged in their musical lives, in order for them to give a short concert. This concert will include one piece of chamber music (a string trio), one trumpet solo and at least one sting solo as well as going through some of the differences between the instruments, their limits and what they are used for. This is led by the ever energetic and enthusiastic Dr. Leigh.

For the most part of the first term we as a group have been practising on Friday afternoons however we have started now to go out to schools. Despite transport issues (fitting 5 of us with a cello into a taxi can be quite taxing, not to mention finishing late and missing the booked taxi) all of us feel like we are using the skills we have been taught to give back to the community. The feedback we have been given has been positive and hopefully we can inspire many more children to take up musical instruments.

David Millross (Divisions)

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Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham