Performers’ Platform

by Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham

Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham, Dvorak in a Performers' Platform

Tuesday, 7 June at 1830
Ruddock Performing Arts Centre

Alice Beardmore, Beth Zheng, Jessica Tedd, Sophia Jin, violins
David Millross, Melissa Yao, violas
Isabel Russell, Michelle Sanders, ‘cellos

Altai Gardiner, saxophone
Beatrice Beadmore, ‘cello
Kitty Cattel, voice
Daniel Li, viola
Haine Hock, voice
Jessica Tedd, violin
Nathan Appanna, piano
Junias Wong, violin
Peter Raven, euphonium
Renee Chang, violin; Daniel Li, viola; Enoch Cheung, ‘cello; Lauren Zhang, piano

works by Bruch, Quilter, and Kummer
including the first Mendelssohn Octet, and Dvořák’s Piano Quartet.

Music at King Edward's School, Birmingham

This concert is presented jointly with King Edward VI High School for Girls